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Milo Zanecchia is a Swiss-American adventure filmmaker and photographer. You can often find him trail-running in the Alps carrying heavy video equipment and with a drone strapped to his back. As a teenager, Milo lost 80% of the vision in his right eye when his retina detached from a sports injury. Forced to ditch contact sports, he turned to mountain sports of all kinds and parlayed that love into a career. Based in Lugano, Switzerland, you can find Milo’s work in Trail Runner and Adventure JournalOutside, and for brands like The North Face, Salomon, Teton Gravity Research, as well as Swiss Tourism boards, and many other places.

Milo has driven from Switzerland to Mongolia by car, lived in a mud hut in Malawi for months, slept in the deserts of Oman, and bivy-camped on cold peaks in the Alps. He lives for the outdoors and is excited to share an adventure with you.

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